Maintenance in Netherlands

A 2-3 hours maintenance is scheduled for Netherlands network on 06 Jun. Refer to your email inbox to check if you are affected.

2 juin 2020
Network loss in Switzerland

We have network problem in some of our Switzerland network for VPS and RDP. Case is being investigated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: The case is resolved, meanwhile we patched the server with the latest software version. All ... En savoir plus »

27 mai 2020
Network issue in Switzerland

We are experiencing network issue in Switzerland, techs are investigating.


We are experiencing network issues with a transport provider causing network outages. We expect it fully resolved in less than an hour.

28 avril 2020
Security maintenance in Netherlands

Our Netherlands network is under security maintenance/update and soon all services come online.



Update: Maintenance is finished successfully, all services are up.

17 janv 2020
France node problem

We are facing a technical issue at one of the France VPS/RDP node, techs are working on it.


Update: it is fixed. 

12 nov 2019
North Carolina network down

Our North Carolina VPS/RDP network is down, techs are working on the case.


Update: all nodes in NC are up. 

30 oct 2019
Fiber cut in Switzerland

There is a major fiber cut in our Switzerland datacenter affecting all carriers. we are waiting on an eta from both of our major carriers.


It is resolved.

5 avril 2019
Hardware Maintenance - Switzerland - Nov 20th, 2018 - 1:30 PM GMT - 2:30 PM GMT

Tomorrow on 1:30 PM GMT AMinServe staff will perform hardware upgrade/maintenance on one of Switzerland node. It will take less than an hour and your Switzerland service might face a 30 minutes down time.

19 nov 2018
Switzerland power problem

We have been dealing with some power issue at our Switzerland services for the last 2 hours. All services started to come online and renaming will be online within a couple of minutes.  

We are deeply sorry for the problem caused to our clients.

30 sept 2018
Fiber Cut - Switzerland

Hello,This message is to inform you that our network engineer has been working with to resolve the Fiber Cut which is affecting our Switzerland network. has techs at the location of the fiber cut, and repairs are ... En savoir plus »

20 sept 2018